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We Work Hard To Earn Your Trust

Check out what our clients are saying about us!  We are your partner in medical billing success.

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Selina Kelly

Tracy, Ramona, Bre, and Brandi have truly helped save my business after a disaster of an experience with a previous billing service. Brandi especially has been tenacious in her attempts to correct credentialing issues and collect on claims. I have direct access to communicate about questions and concerns, with fast helpful responses when I reach out. GDMBS provides meetings to be transparent about service provision and expectations, address concerns, and be transparent in collection efforts. I can not recommend this service highly enough. I know there are free billing services but in a world where you get what you pay for GDMBS is worth every single (business expensed) penny!!-Selina That Counseling Place, LLC

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Nadia Valentin

Grace-Decorum medical billing is excellent. They are knowledgeable, responsive, and they understand the importance of their role. I would recommend them with no reservation!

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Rae Burgess - Grace Decorum Medical Billing Serivces 5 Star Review.png

Rae Burgess

I have been overwhelmed by companies trying to sell me medical billing and credentialing services, and none of them compare to Grace-Decorum. They have been helping me to grow my practice by getting credentialed Medicaid. It is a long and arduous process, which I can't imagine doing on my own. The staff at Grace-Decorum are very dedicated and approachable. They always keep me updated on developments and they're patient with all my questions-- and if they don't know the answer, they will follow up later. I really appreciate the personal touch they bring to their professional services, especially when it comes to communications and working relationships. They have saved me so much time, stress, and hassle! I would gladly work with them again in the future and recommend their services to other healthcare providers.

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Grace Decorum Medical Billing 5 Star Email Review.png

Jeermol Thomas

Grace-Decorum is an awesome company for credentialing and billing.  Ms Breana, who is a credentialing specialist, is awesome.  No words to express our gratitude to Bre.  She works so hard for us to get approval from the insurance companies.  I've even called her after hours.  We even chit chat!!  I'm so glad that I found you guys for credentialing and billing purposes.  Thank you.

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Grace Decorum Medical Billing 5 Star Review from Josh Stephens.png

Josh Stephens

The entire Grace-Decorum team has been a knowledgable resource to Alpha Therapy: Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab Clinic. Ramona and Brandi, have gone above and beyond what typical services are provided from a medical billing services company. They provide comfort and peace of mind in knowing their level of expertise is going to yield great results. Take all of that and add caring and compassionate individuals who actually care about the success of your company.

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